Technical Stuff

David Bovill david at
Sun Aug 22 15:44:02 EDT 2010

Michael to contribute technically to Votorolla, I need the following:

   1. Descriptions of the Restful API's that I can use for interfaces /
   prototypes / mobile apps
   2. Database schema
   3. Installation instructions + minimal requirements for installing on a
   public web server

Pretty sure you will have some web pages documenting these - I remember
seeing one I think for the web services??? I'm not sure though if they were
that clear? It's not urgent, but I hope to have some play time during my
hollidays and would like to check out what is technically possible for me to

I'm off to Berlin for 10 days with my daughter, Thomas I'll be coming to
Dresden to visit a friend so it would be great if you are around and we
could meet up? I'm not sure exactly the dates, maybe you could let us know
when you would be around over the next 10 days?

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