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> Should we?
I have a background in marketing, so forgive me if it seems like I'm making
a lot of work.  With the help of the list I would be happy to lead (or
follow) in the creation of the following documentation to help those who,
like myself, wish to inform other about votorola.

Because votorola is a system, and because governance is so important, I
think it's equally important to creae some documents that make it easy for
folks to get a quick overview of the system so that they can adjust their
expectations appropriately, and so that if they choose to get involved and
try things out, they will have an idea of where they stand and what to do

I think that we could make a section of the wiki (or another site) where we
work on some publicity pieces together.

I could help bring up another site, all together, that was quite pretty, for
publicity purposes.

If we find a directory like vitalizing-democracy  the, then we would know,
easily, that we could places these publicity pieces into the directory.

For example, a directory entry like that might be:

1.  Icon or logo for votorola.
2.  1 sentence description
3.  1 paragraph summary
4.  A link to a page for a status update on the project

We could also have a page where we keep a reverse directory of other

1.  Metagov
2.  vitalizing-democracy

In addition, we could keep another page that showed how the systems stack up
against each other and expose the niche that votorola fills.

Another thing would be a page where we talk about the current status of the
system and the next steps for it.

Mike, I'm not aware yet or the location of docs like this, yet, or how you
see them coming into being.

Do you think things like this should go on the pollwiki?  I'm leaning
towards a "no" and I don't have solid reasons.  Something like the fact that
the pollwiki is "in" votorola, and we want to be jus a little outside it.
 Also, permissions for editing these pieces?  Do we need to lock them down a


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