Build Problem

Michael Allan mike at
Thu Jun 25 05:40:05 EDT 2009

> Hi, I'm trying to build this, but I get the error:
> compile error in votorola/b/ Can't locate Zelea/
> in . . . line 10.

You're using the example config file (my version of it) unmodified.
It's dying on line 10:
> The install instructions say I need to install the Zelea/ perl
> module. How do I do this. It is not in CPAN.

The instructions weren't clear.  The *first* error you got was "Unable
to parse votorola/b/".  That's because is
not part of the release.  So see item 3b:

Basically you need to delete lines 9 and 10 in, and
modify the sub's to point to your own Java installation.

Let me know how it goes,
Michael Allan

Toronto, 647-436-4521

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