Adaptation for Free Software funding?

David Hilvert dhilvert at
Thu Jun 11 17:48:31 EDT 2009

On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 16:56:08 -0400
Michael Allan <mike at> wrote:

> > Have you considered adapting your algorithms for allocations of
> > funds for Free Software development? ... Thoughts?

> How would the voting be tied to the allocation of funds or developer
> time?  For example, can you illustrate with a mini use-case scenario,
> like the ones on the home page - A votes for B, and the expected
> effect on allocation?

The simplest case would be that A's vote corresponds to allowing B to determine
(through voting or development) allocation of A's funds and any funds collected
by A through votes for A by other individuals.  The obvious limitations with
this seem to be: (a) it does not provide a means for dividing a contribution
(e.g., in the case that two strategies or proposals, one used by B, and one by
C, seem promising to A), but this point could be resolved by allowing for votes
(funds) to be divided according to some proportion; (b) more seriously, it
seems to rely on how well voters can estimate the effectiveness of those they
are voting for, as well as on (c) the ease with which various different issues
(development goals and bugs) can be voted on.

(b) could perhaps be resolved to some degree by reviewing a track record of
prior bugs, as well as discussion on public sites (bug trackers, mailing lists,
etc.); (c) is something that is also present to a degree, at least, in the
current conception of Votorola[1], so that, if Votorola can be made to handle
multiple issues effectively, it seems possible that this case could be handled
as well.

[1] E.g., you had written in an earlier message (Tue, 15 Jul 2008 22:27:32
-0400), with A and B distinct from those considered above:

The idea in Votorola is that each proposal (law, plan, or policy) is
voted separately, in separate elections.  So there are 2 elections in
this case, and you can vote for:

 - person A for automobile emissions standards
 - person B for food safety standards

which seems parallel to the problem of voting according to which development
goal or bug is being considered.

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