Bug Report - visualization of vote cycles

Michael Allan mike at zelea.com
Thu Aug 20 19:00:49 EDT 2009

Thomas von der Elbe wrote:
> I don´t know if its really a bug, but the pollbrowser in the poll
> "Project Plans for Votorola" behaves strangly.  I guess, it has to
> do with the vote-loop: Thomas for Mike, Mike for Thomas.  If you
> click on one end-candidate, it opens the tree of the other one.  It
> shows all the information, but in an unexpected way.


(We spoke about this since, offline.)  We agreed it's confusing, but
maybe not a priority fix.  On the one hand, it might slow us down; on
the other, the use cases for voting in a cycle are very limited.  All
I can forsee is an electoral poll in which two executives stand as a
team, like a pair of Roman consuls.  But that's probably a rare case.
(Maybe cycles will be more prominent when we experiment with
multiple/fractional votes?)

In our case, we probably shouldn't be voting in a loop.  Either Thomas
or I should press Unvote.  But I think Thomas should be the one at the
root, because his draft is more comprehensive.  Later, he'll probably
have multiple detailed drafts to reference (not just mine), and each
of them will point back with a vote.

BTW - If anyone else wants to experiment with vote cycles, we now have
counts running every four hours.

Michael Allan

Toronto, 647-436-4521

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