Michael Allan mike at
Sat Aug 15 12:47:57 EDT 2009

Thomas wrote:
> I somehow had the wrong impression, that there would be many
> thousands of polls relevant for each participant.  Now I looked it
> up: in Germany there are ca. 150 national, 50 sub-national, ... laws
> per year. So the geographical filter together with the poll-filter
> which Votorola already has is more then enough. It´s actually
> perfect!

(I'm not sure.  We mixed together several topics in this discussion,
 and I still think some of them are important, though not yet urgent.
 I've flagged the thread and will reply later.

 I'm creating a poll where we can propose and prioritize project
 initiatives, so they have some kind of permanence and presence.  The
 list isn't a good place for fleshing out ideas.  Will post soon...)
Michael Allan

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