Thomas von der Elbe ThomasvonderElbe at
Sat Aug 8 03:43:33 EDT 2009

Thomas wrote:

I understand now, that we are very flexible concerning the level of
abstraction, because on each level we can have a seperate issue.
The procedural pattern of abstraction is additional then and could
possibly be realized through filtering and tagging.

>> And this delegation tree stands vertical on the tree in Figure 17. So its more a like three-dimensional cloud of voters.
>> Only the deepest level is then about issues, the way you use the term, right?
> True, but only as regards procedural abstraction (1). That's the only
> one that can be diagrammed as a single tree, in a single issue-forest.
> The other patterns of abstraction (2, 3) are broken out as separate
> issues.

With "single issue-forest" you mean a forest of many procedural-
abstraction-trees all concerning one single issue, right?

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