Test of list server after upgrade

mike at zelea.com mike at zelea.com
Tue Jul 15 14:07:01 EDT 2014

Sorry, please ignore this test message.  Sent like this:

  1. Save this file.

  2. $> mail-send < /home/mike/system/test-message.txt

     Optionally set $smtpOut to ISP's mail server instead of localhost:
     $> e /home/mike/system/bin/mail-send

Or as root, send to specific envelope recipient:

  2. %> sendmail TO-ADDRESS < /home/mike/system/test-message.txt

     This always goes through Postfix, because 'sendmail' is just a Postfix compatibility

Or if SSMTP is installed (it no longer is):

  2. $> /usr/sbin/ssmtp -v TO-ADDRESS < /home/mike/system/test-message.txt

Optionally enable the GTUBE (generic test for unsolicited bulk email) by collapsing the
whitespace on the second character.  This should be rejected by the spam filter:

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